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About Us

"Mojo Uprisin" started out as a way to take a stand for our beliefs. We got tired of standing around doing nothing but griping about how the government was taking away our liberties a little bit at a time... Throughout the past years, with the bailouts, earmarks, increase in wreckless spending, and an increase in the beauracratic hype, we decided to take a stand, to state our beliefs straightforward. After over a year of brainstorming and creating, and despite Murphy's persistence, Mojo Uprisin finally became a reality. We believe God has a great purpose for our lives and for Mojo Uprisin and he continues to reveal that purpose daily.

Numerous people have asked us "What's MOJO?" We created our own definition of the word MOJO. To us, MOJO means finding the best of yourself and sharing it with the world. It means standing up for what's right and helping those around us in need. It means stepping outside the box and living each day to the fullest. It means believing in yourself and reaching for the American dream and being thankful to God Almighty that you still can. It means stepping out of your own little world long enough to look at the big picture. It means taking the time to have a relationship with your loving Creator. It means Motivation, Optimism, Joy, and Outreach. We can't put it any simpler than that.

We believe in God, country, and family. We stand behind our troops, and we agree wholeheartedly with the saying,  "If you don't want to stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them." We believe the American Flag is our national symbol of unity and strength. We fly it high with great pride, and we dare anyone to tell us to take it down. We believe God gave us certain unalienable rights, and no government has the right to take them away. We believe this nation was formed "One nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all". We believe the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence is set in stone and is exactly what our forefathers intended for this great nation - and we have a shirt coming soon that says so. We believe it is our right and our duty to protect those rights. And.... we believe that if this nation doesn't get back to these basic beliefs and remember that this nation was formed "One nation, under God", then this great nation will fall. And should that happen, may God have mercy on us all.

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