Our purpose at Mojo Uprisin is to promote a greater, united America - to inspire "we the people" to stand up and BE "we the people"! We want to bring you the best wearable art around. Our original, unique designs are created by PR Spencer and are exclusive Mojo Uprisin Inc. copyrighted artwork.

Just what is MOJO? Many people have asked that question... We created our own definition based on all that is going on in this great nation of ours and in hopes of motivating you to be a better you! We truly feel God gave us this definition based on the needs of the people of His nation and He will ultimately prevail.     Motivation - Optimism - Joy - Outreach

We've put a lot of work into putting our shirts online for you to see, experienced a lot of frustrating moments trying to do it ourselves, and finally turned it over to God for Him to do with as He pleases. So sit back, relax, and browse through our t-shirt lines. You're sure to find something that expresses your own MOJO.

Welcome to our new online store! There will be kinks to work out, so just give us a holla if you have any problems.

Most of our designs are also available in youth sizes. If you can't find it online, shoot us an email to see if it's available.

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